The 1st Libyan-European Oil & Gas Summit drew industry professionals from the entire oil and gas value chain. The conference provided a rare opportunity to meet with the board members of Libya’s National Oil Corporation, most notably Mr. Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman of the Board, and dozens of other chairmen, board members, and company presidents.

Delegates included CEOs, board members, directors, managers, and company presidents from:

  • IOCs and NOCs
  • Exploration and Production Companies
  • (Oilfield) Service and Engineering Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Chemical Companies
  • Trading Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Training Providers and Universities with a strong international focus
  • Banks, Legal Companies, and Financial Institutions
  • Media

Who Attended:

Companies and Organisations that provide the following products and services:

  • Equipment / Maintenance services
  • Pipeline technology / maintenance – onshore and offshore
  • Engineering & construction companies working in the oil and gas industry
  • Offshore engineering solutions
  • Technical support
  • Drilling fluids and cement additive products
  • Lab testing for cement and drilling fluids and other lab services
  • Mud logging services
  • Compressor equipment and installation
  • Offshore structures and platforms
  • Production and processing equipment
  • Petroleum refining and distribution services
  • Technical Inspection Services
  • Seismic acquisition services
  • Shipping companies
  • Pumps & valve technologies
  • Petrochemicals
  • Welding technologies and fabrications
  • Safety, Inspection and Testing Services
  • Specific / special training for oil field operations engineers, offshore training
  • Knowledge Transfer Service Providers
  • Universities with international focus
  • Research Institutions
  • Governmental and Investment Institutions
  • and many more…