The 1st Libyan-European Oil & Gas Summit…

…is the event to bring the Libyan oil and gas industry together with interested European investors, industries and service providers.

The Libyan oil and gas industry, intending to re-vitalize and expand oil and gas production, is searching for capable and reliable partners for support, cooperation, and sustainable development. European business partners are in need of information, access, and network to efficiently do business in Libya.

The program of the 1st Libyan-European Oil & Gas Summit focused on the business opportunities and investment potential for European companies with Libya’s important oil and gas sector.  Furthermore, it addressed the overall security and economic situation of Libya’s oil and gas sector, as well as the potential investment and business opportunities for international partners and contractors, the future development of the oil and gas fields, and the capacity-building by improving organisational, managerial and operational excellence.

Therefore the program represented the following topics:

  • Business Opportunities and Challenges in Libya
  • Global Market Trends – Libya in Focus
  • Gas Potential /IOR / EOR Opportunities in Libya
  • Schlumberger Engagement History in Libya
  • Equinor New Strategy and Libya Development Plan
  • Revitalization of Libya’s Oil & Gas Infrastructure
  • Development through Early Production Facilities (EPF) in Libya – North Hamada Field Development
  • Revamping Damaged Fields, Pipelines, Harbors
  • Examples of Successful Cooperation with NOC
  • Case Studies: Experience in Libya
  • Zallaf Libya Exploration and Production – Fast Track Field Development 
  • Urgent Technology Needs & Investments
  • Oilfield Security
  • Investment and Financial Security

The Organising Committee

is headed by Sylvia Reyer of HOT Engineering and consists of partners from:

National Oil Corporation of Libya

The National Oil Corporation (NOC), established 1970 in Tripoli, Libya, to support the national economy through increasing, developing and exploiting the Libyan oil reserves, is carrying out exploration and production operation through its own affiliated companies, or in participation with other companies under service contracts or any other kind of petroleum investment agreements.

NOC has its own fully owned companies in addition to local and international marketing companies which carry out exploration, development, and production operations.

NOC also has participation agreements with specialized international companies. Such agreements have developed into exploration and production sharing agreements, in accordance with the development of the international oil and gas industry, and international petroleum marketing.

NOC owns refining and oil & gas processing companies in Libya and national service companies which carry out well drilling and work over operations, provide drilling material and equipment, lay and maintain oil and gas pipelines, build and maintain oil and gas storage tanks and carry out related technical and economic studies.

NOC also provides the whole sector with other services, such as catering, procurement of materials, equipment, services, training and employment of foreign employees.

Also affiliated with NOC is a petroleum research centre.

Organised by HOT Engineering GmbH

HOT Engineering (HOT), established 1986 in Leoben, Austria, is a leading E&P reservoir consultancy and training and knowledge transfer organisation.

Three decades of E&P reservoir consulting experience has honed HOT’s capability to provide advanced and integrated geoscience, reservoir and production engineering solutions.

HOT’s pioneering microfluidic solutions provide unmatched EOR/IOR process visualisation and screening and next-generation software SenEx© revolutionizes computer assisted history matching in terms of quality, speed and cost.

A strong commitment to further education, multidisciplinary programs, a multinational team of instructors and state-of-the-art course material has made HOT an established provider of cutting-edge training and knowledge transfer services, covering all stages of the E&P value chain. Since 1986 HOT has successfully organised numerous training courses, meetings and conferences for the oil and gas industry.